Comprehensive guide to make your home more disability-friendly

Making the world accessible for all!

Have you been in an uncomfortable situation where your physical characteristics or disabilities have refrained you from accessing something? Well, probably most of us have experienced this at least once in a lifetime. Some have opposed a joy ride where only people over and above a certain height are eligible. Some have been restricted from accessing a seat or a service because they are overweight. Disabled people are mostly affected as their physical inability prevents them from doing things usually. This is a concern that should be addressed across public service domains. Many businesses, employers, public buildings, train stations, and airports make special arrangements for the accessibility of disabled people. They give free access to wheelchairs and build ramps and escalators, keeping in mind the unique needs of people with disabilities.

Modify your home to make it accessible.

It is possible to make your home more accessible by adopting a few simple changes. There are so many developments and inventions made in the assistive living space. Be it mobility devices, walking aids, rehabilitation kits, knee or back support, hearing aids, implants, braces, splints, or bathroom accessories. The list is enormous. Technology has aided massively in the medical devices category to meet the needs of disabled people. Disability Friendly devices and wheelchairs are readily available in the marketplace. They have made life simpler for the disabled to a great extent by providing them the much-needed freedom to move around without human assistance. However, an electric wheelchair can be a great option on a flat surface, but not functional when there is a staircase. Also, moving freely in a wheelchair needs more space around. These are a few challenges that people with disabilities often face at home or outside.

Options for better accessibility

To address these challenges, we can look for a few options and make a few changes at our home for easy access. For example, we can make the entrance and doors inside the house wider just to allow the person with a wheelchair to move freely. It saves him much effort without struggling to adjust and squeeze through the narrow space. Also, we can build an access ramp at the entryway. Platform lifts and carriers to access the upper floors are also popular options. You can choose between a temporary or a permanent ramp, based on your needs. Specialized service providers in your locality can give you various options. Book a visit, share your requirements, choose your options, and ask for a quote. Once you are satisfied with the price quoted and the customer reviews, go for it.


It is essential to take care of the needs of people suffering from any form of disability. The inability to lead an everyday life can sometimes be painful and distressing. Everyone around that person should be compassionate and determined to give him a better life. Small efforts towards making their life easier can bring a broad smile to their face. Many communities and forums provide knowledge on the challenges that disabled people face. There are discussion boards where the community members share their opinions and suggest solutions to address critical concerns. Being part of these groups can help gain valuable insights and information. So, to summarise, we can make this world a better place to live in for the elderly and people with disabilities. With a few changes in our existing setup and mindset, we can make them feel special the way they are.

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