Potential Risks And Benefits Of Getting A Laser Surgery

Lasik surgery is one of the best solutions if you are done with wearing glasses or contact lenses. Eye Lasik surgery is one of the most common procedures to rectify vision problems. Lasik has used an alternative for contact lenses or glasses that make people see clearer. In laser surgery, the eye doctor uses a blade to do a slight cut in the cornea to alter the shape of the cornea to ensure a much clearer vision. People with normal vision tend to refract the light onto the retina at the back of the eye. However, people with myopia have issues with the correct refraction of light, which makes the vision blur. Lasik eye procedure helps people with astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. The process does not guarantee a 20/20 vision and may require glasses or lenses for some tasks. However, it does make your eyesight better than before.

The ophthalmologist’s job is to know if the patient is suitable enough to complete the procedure. To know that, the patient must go through many follow-ups to tell if the process will benefit them.

Why Get The Surgery Done?

Lasik surgery is the solution to getting a more precise vision affected by these problems.

·        Myopia (Nearsightedness)

Light concentrates on the retina more and blurs the vision when the eyeball is longer than usual or when the cornea is sharper. In such a case, a person can see objects which are close and not the ones that are far.


·        Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

When your eyeball is lower than usual or if the cornea is flat, light concentrates more on the back of the retina than on it. This situation can make your vision blurry, especially the distant ones.

·        Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a medical condition in which the cornea tends to curve or flatten, affecting the closer and distant vision. A Lasik eye surgery tends to restructure the shape of the cornea to its standard form, which makes the vision clear.

Going for Eye Surgery will make your vision clearer if you wear glasses or contact lenses because of impaired vision. Having a more precise vision will make your life easier and free you from heavyweights of glasses or watery eyes due to contact lenses. The doctor will decide if you need a lasik eye procedure or any other refractive procedures for your vision.

Risks Associated With The Procedure

Any complications in the procedure can lead to severe risks to the eye. However, one can minimize these risks to the best by consulting a professional and experienced ophthalmologist. However, there are specific vision problems that are temporary that many people experience, such as dry eyes, itchy eyes, or glared vision.

·        Dry Eyes

Laser surgery can affect tear production for temporary periods. For the first six to twelve months after the surgery, your eyes may seem dry and even feel itchy. Having dry eyes can affect the quality of vision. However, a doctor may prescribe eye drops to help dry eyes. Or different procedures can help with tear production if you are experiencing severe dry eyes.

·        Glare Problems

If you are experiencing glares at night while driving just after getting laser eye surgery, then see a doctor asap. An average amount of glare is shared for weeks, although if it becomes severe and long-lasting, then considering the doctor is the needed option for that moment. A LASIK Surgeon will always educate patients about all possible risks before the eye laser procedure.

·        Vision Or Flap Problems

The surgical laser also, at times, includes the removal of the flap on the eye can cause severe complications like infection or excessive tears. The flap can outgrow itself during the healing process and may affect the vision. To help with such issues, an ophthalmologist will surgically remove the abnormal growth of the flap. Also, at times, laser surgery can even cause slight vision problems. The after results of the laser procedure may not seem so sharp.


How To Prepare For The Procedure

Before getting a laser surgery done, one needs to prepare themselves for the surgery. There are certain things that people must know about certain things such as the cost of the laser procedure or arranging a ride back home after getting the procedure. Especially people who wear any eye makeup must avoid any kohl, eye shadow, or mascara should avoid all these items on the day of the surgery. To maximize the results of the eye surgery, you need to talk to the eye doctor about all your expectations and risks with the doctor.

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